So my LJ has been sooooo neglected that I am seriously considering making a new one to get rid of this 'failed LJ' stigma ! I wanna get back into it because, well, I miss touring ! And all my tour buddies are big LJers. And I have other friends on here to :) I make a new one or just keep updating this one ? Votes please :)

N xxx

And on a side note...

I quit smoking again. It's been 5 days and my lungs are BEGGING me for tar. I NEED A CIG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD. But I will resist. Hahah another Buffy thing I wanna mention : there is this scene with Faith and Spike in the basement. Faith remarks that it's ok for Spike to smoke. Doesn't have to worry about the 'Big C' because he is dead. At that moment, I wanted to be dead ! Since worrying about the 'Big C' was the reason I quit....


I bought some Buffy DVDs from Kat a while back and settled down a few days ago to watch Season 7 for the first time in years. It really bought back some memories ! Obviously of the show but also of how much I used to love James Marsters and I was as sad when I finished it this time as I was the first time! I really miss that show. I really miss my James fandom. I still think he is hot. I still hope he is doing well. But some things you just grow out of as you get older I guess. I wish he would do a reasonably priced appearance in the UK. I am not prepared to pay the hundreds he charges for tickets nowadays. But I would still go and see him if the price was right...strikes me that he got a bit 'up his own arse' ? I dunno. I think Meral is still a big fan, what do you think? Watching Buffy again also made me think of my first con : The Harvest. AMAZING weekend as I seem to remember. Both for the right and very wrong reasons! If I had never attended that con I never would have met some of the most amazing people. Some I still know and love, some I still love but don't know ! And some I don't know or love anymore! I never would have met Kat/Lou/Irish and all the weird and wonderful people they have introduced me to ! ;) I never would have known about Common Rotation therefore never would have met Jo/Jules/Tori/Hedwig and many others! It is so amazing how one thing that seems quite small can actually alter the course of your life so dramatically. I wanna do another con this year :( But my money is not permitting me to :( Next year though. I wanna do another BUFFY con! But I know that won't happen. I will just hope that Sean gets lots of Buffy people for Duckology. Definitly going to that one.

*Sigh*...I have kinda depressed myself ! But got so much to look forward to! This weekend I am going home to spend some much needed time with my family and also to take my Mum to see The Eagles at Twickenham! WOOP WOOP! Then the weekend after me and Jules are gonna go scream with the other females trying to reclaim their fandom days....WE ARE OFF TO SEE TAKE THAT!

I got Italy...I got tour...I got a new freaking job! Doesn't it suck that I have to work two jobs now to make ends meet. Fuck, I am such an adult !

I think I am done....just wanna shout out to all my beautiful, crazy fandom friends ! I love you all sooooooooooo much.

And for my Irish : Before you start bitching that I am touring and NOT doing cubed...the reason being that cubed falls a good few weeks before my loan kicks in. Tour falls the week after ;) I am GUTTED because I had such a blast at squared. But you can't do everything. Something else I find out as I get older.



So for ages and ages my LJ has been completely neglected. I have no excuse for this. BUT...I decided to update ! I know, I lot feel like all your birthdays and christmas's have come at once huh ?!? ;)

Well...everything that is going on with me at the moment is centered around Uni. I broke up about two weeks ago (yes, we get almost 5 months for Summer!) and I am sad about it. But I was sooo ready for the break! On our last night we all performed in a showcase night at one of the clubs in town and I sang in public for the first time in five years. Solo. Scary but very, very fun.

People are home for the summer now and I miss them terribly but my flat are still here mostly. Our social lives have really slowed down because the clubs stopped doing student nights and ya know...they are kinda empty ! We are still finding new bars to go to and stuff though so it's all good.

I am moving out of halls very soon which will be so hard to do. I have had the most amazing year of my life in this place and I don't wanna leave anyone. But Dani and Becky literally have a house thats about 20 seconds walk from ours next year so I think we will be ok!

The thought of living in an actual house is beautiful! We are going TV shopping soon and we all feel very grown up ! Hahaha how sad.

At the end of this month I am doing the intensive driving course and I am scccaaarreeed ! Hopefully (please God) I will pass ! Wish me luck !

That was a summary ! I wanna get home so I can see people I havn't seen for ages like Jo and Jules and Kat and Lou BUT me and Jules are seeing Take That in a few weeks so YAY ! Here's to 90s nostalgia ! I am also seeing Bon Jovi this Friday! CAN'T WAIT !

I got a job ! I am one of those really annoying people that ring you up to try and sell you double glazing. Although I am trying to sell you garage doors and roof guard. What the fuck is roof guard ?!?

I think that is all I have to say right now ! Later xx

p.s - I really wanna change my icons but my icon thingy is broken. I may need to enlist Jules's help...MWAHAHAHA

Hawaii....strike II

When I said there wasn't much to say about Hawaii...there really isn't ! But I will see what I can manage. We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort ( it was a beautiful hotel. We had our own private beach and the pool and everything. But what with us being in a resort, our days were pretty much the same ! It wasn't a very 'sight-seeie' holiday. Just a lovely, relaxing ten days. The pool looked out onto the ocean. The stuff heaven is made of ! I managed to find the biggest shopping center on Oahu (the island we were on) and managed to part with extreme amounts of money ! To the tune of $200 in taxes on the way back ! Shhhiiitt ! We were in Hawaii for a wedding which was just gorgeous. It was right on the beach and a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. We prayed to the Gods of land and sea for their blessing on Lee and Yolande (the couple!) and the Priestess blew into this big shell to call all the four winds..or something ! It was very spiritual and very short ! I hate really long wedding ceremonies...The reception was held at a gorgeous villa. Free bar, great music and the best sunset we had the whole ten days we were there. I turned to my Dad's friend Zanna during the ceremony and said that sometimes in life, I feel very, very privalaged ! That was certainly one of those times. There was a lot of love that day and we all felt it.
My step brothers went swimming with sharks ! Scary but very cool apparantly ! A lot of surfing was done. There were loads of us because we were all going to Lee's wedding so it was very social ! Drinks by the pool...hanging out..having dinner. Good times.
On to the celebrity sightings ! I saw Daniel Dae Kim from Lost, Val Kilmer and David Hasslehoff ! There was a movie being filmed next door to the resort which Mr. Kilmer was in ! His kids were an interesting bunch...Every time I saw him I thought : 'You got off with Paris Hilton a week ago !' Hahahaha ! We were right next door to the Lost set and I got well excited about Daniel Dae Kim ! But sadly no sighting of my Josh ... :( A really wasted guy introduced me to David Hasslehoff which was kinda cool...

So yeah, we had an amazing time ! I do have pics on a will see them soon !

Much love x

Long time no see !

Well dudes, I am back ! Havn't been around for a while because I went to Hawaii. It was amazing. The wedding I went for was so beautiful. Pics will be up as soon as I can do it ! I am back at Uni now and loving it ! It was funny, I never realised how much I would miss it but I really did ! I finally feel like I belong somewhere and it's a lovely feeling :) Today I gotta go and do some filming for a presentation that is due in soon. Maybe learn some Closer lines...maybe ;) I hope everyone is ok ! I will update again when there is something interesting to say !


My Little Gold Man

It is officially Sunday 5th March 2006 which means one thing to me. Oscar Day. The BBC stopped covering it a couple years ago so I won't get to watch everything from the red carpet. Will be hounding the IMDB first thing tomorrow morning for the results ! I love the Oscars but I also kinda hate them. I just wanna be there ! And win one ! I love the glamour of it all and also what winning an Oscar means. Some people just believe its a bunch of rich people getting together to tell each other how wonderful they are. I still believe the Oscars are an amazing tradition and for the winners it's an amazing honour. One day, not so long away, I will tell you what it's like :)Please God.


There must have been something in the waters at the end of Feb because today sees our 4th birthday of the week ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY _mysteria_ ! May today be filled with joy and laughter and the unexpected but very welcome announcement that G'n'R are reuniting! Slash and Axl back together .....well, if we hope and pray hard enough ?! Miracles happen on birthdays people! Anyway, have a lovely day!